How To Build An Internet Banking Website

by ernestchukstech
build an internet banking website

A quick and easy tutorial for you to learn how to build an internet banking website with debit/credit alerts, COT, IMF, Tax, Pin, SMS, login pin, transfer OTP, Loan, profile photos, and more using the HSBC banking PHP script.

I will walk you through how to install this script and connect the database to work correctly on a fresh website or a sub-domain or folder. I will also show you all the features of this system and how to manage it.

Key Features of this PHP Banking Script:

  • SMS and Email Debit/Credit alerts
  • Easy Transfer
  • 2FA authentication on transactions
  • BTC deposit Translation
  • Chat Ticket support
  • Admin dashboard
  • Credit/Debit user
  • Verify/Block
  • Customer registration
  • Profile picture
  • Account statements
  • And lots more…


Click here to get access to the PHP Script I used in this video!


This tutorial is only meant for educational purposes. Should anyone use knowledge gotten from this video for harmful or illegal purposes, they will be fully responsible for their actions.

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